Friday, February 29, 2008

If I Could Get Out of My Driveway...

It's snowing right now and the forecast is calling for rain later today. But it IS Friday, the end of a tough week for me. My day job with computers calls for extended hours - I support users in 5 time zones - and while most weeks are quiet and routine, this one was kinda busy.

So I was please to see that this weekend the local weather geeks are calling for lots of sunshine and a high temp Sunday of 49 degrees. Time to ride! My problem at the moment is my driveway.

Our home is located in an older section of the city originally developed soon after WWI. The neighborhood is quaint and quiet, where everyone knows everyone else. The lots are small by any standard and separating most homes are modest driveways.

My driveway measure about 15 feet at its widest and only about 70 feet in length before you run into the garage. My problem is that the drive only sees about an hour of sunlight each day and though my front, postage stamp of a lawn is snow free, the drive is ice and snow covered.
The solution, of course, is found in a 50 lb. bag of ice melt, something I've been remiss in using this year. But if the streets are clear for riding, then by golly, a slick driveway is not going to stop my 2 wheels from turning a few revolutions on them. Strange what motivates me to clear my driveway. Maybe not...

Ride Safe.


D. Brent Miller said...

Doug, I discovered your riding blog when someone clicked on the Sojourn Chronicles link in the side bar and found their way to my site.

You've got a nice blog going. I really like the title, Cruising Ohio: Cruising the back roads of Ohio. We do have some nice roads here.

Keep the wheels on the pavement. See you on the highway.


Doug C said...

Thank you sir. Someday I'd like to explore the routes between the Queen City and Marietta, maybe follow the river for a day or so.

Ride Safe.