Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Great Day

69º on Monday with sun and a few clouds. Perfect weather for some therapeutic riding. In fact, we've had 2 days of great riding weather. Which is good because the forecast is pretty crappy for the next several days.

My passion for riding is quite high, right now. I suspect that I would ride in all types of weather if I knew my skill level was adequate for the challenge. I don't have any rain gear that will work for riding. I can't imagine my fishing rain suit providing much protection.

If I were to ride during inclement weather, my concerns would be:
  • Adequate skills
  • Adequate protection

The protection I can buy. The skills I can probably attain. I guess I'm just a little gun shy about the practice required for the skills.

That said, if I'm going to do it, my thinking is try to control as much of my surroundings as I can. Pick the time, the roads, and inclement weather to ride in. The time to practice (or learn) my wet road riding skills is not on my morning commute.

I think it's time for research. Others have mastered this and it's time to pick their brains.

Doug C


irondad said...

Your proposed approach is exactly right. Limited exposure. A little at a time. Learn what works and what won't when the consequences of misjudging aren't as high. Just be sure to make the practice progressive. If you have specific questions at any time, feel free to come over to my site and ask them. Even if they have nothing to do with the current post topic.

Using experienced riders can help but be selective. A rider can have twenty years of so-called experience. You have to ask yourself if that experience has been progressive. In other words, has this rider gotten better each year? Or do they repeat the first year over and over? That happens a lot, especially with recreational riders who start over each season.

Doug C said...

Excellent insight. Never thought about forward progression.

I do have a question about rain and impaired vision that I'll post.

Thanks, Dan.

Conchscooter said...

Riding in the rain can be enormous fun, properly dressed, dry and peering out from inside a dry helmet.You're a little past the stage I expect where wearing shopping bags on your feet and a garbage bag on your body is an adventure. Irondad is your man for answers for all questions.

Doug C said...

conchscooter: Last night I spent the evening reading nearly every post on irondad's blog and have come to the same conclusion as you.

Not only is he a wealth of technical information, Dan has insight into human nature and is willing to share both in an effort to educate.