Monday, March 3, 2008

The Basket Building

I pass this building nearly once a week. So often, in fact, I hardly ever take a second look any more.

I realize how desensitized I've become to unique sights around home when, every once and a while, I see a motorist parked at the side of the road taking pictures. The Longaberger Company has its corporate offices in Newark and Dave Longaberger, the visionary leader of the company, had this building constructed in 1997.

The story goes that Dave walk into the architect's office with one of the company's picnic baskets, set it on his desk, and said, "I want you to design a building that looks like this." The building still sees a tour bus or two each day during the summer.

I never understood the fanaticism of Longaberger collectors. But then again, they probably don't understand our passion for travelling on two wheels.

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