Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Conspiracy Theory - March 26 Commute

This morning there is evidence of collusion. All of our local television weather guessers agreed with each other, who, in turn, agreed with the national online services, who, in turn, agreed with the National Weather Service. They obviously had to have met last night in the wee hours of the night and compare models and maps.

Not that I'm complaining, mind you. That is, of course, unless the beautiful spring day they have forecast is completely bogus and I am force to make my return trip home in the rain on two wheels.

So far today, I have not been disappointed. Brilliant sunshine and temps in the 50s.

The past couple of days have started out too cold (below freezing) for me to ride. And when I can't ride I find myself doing one of a couple of things in my free time: think about riding or get the Boulevard ready to ride. The Boulevard is ready and willing so I've been thinking - and reading - about two wheeled travel.

I've spent considerable time enjoying the musings and pictures posted by Conchscooter in his Key West Diary blog. His storeys about living in a tourist destination, that by all accounts in his descriptions is aptly called Paradise, are most entertaining. Its easy to understand the attraction to us snow birds longing for relief.

I have three friends and their wives that spent a week or so riding the Keys this past January. I am sure that the touring was typical for most riders/tourists, however their method of getting to Paradise was unique, to say the least.

One of the husbands owns a trucking company and he scheduled himself to take a load going to Miami. Before the trailer was loaded, two Harleys and a Suzuki M109 were strapped down in the front. The three men drove the load to Miami, off loaded the cargo and the bikes, and then picked the wives up at Miami International Airport.

When the week of recreation was up, they took the wives back to MIA, loaded the bikes back on the trailer, and waited for a load going to Ohio.

One of the Harley owners made an interesting observation: the salt air coroaded or tarnished many of the bolts on the bikes. They probably should have invested in some no rust stuff spray to put on them. Lesson learned for the next trip.

Today's commute was cool and dry, albeit dark until my arrival at the office. I took the advice of others in the online community and stayed in the hammer down lane once I reached the Interstate outer belt. The speed of that lane, while sometimes a bit excessive, is nothing compared to the number of lane changes that take place in the remaining three lanes.

Stopping or swerving into the breakdown lane because of slowed traffic is something I control. Being clipped from either side by lane changing motorists is not. So, it looks like the hammer lane is going to be my friend.

The afternoon commute still looks to be picture perfect. Perfect enough to look for a detour on the way home, maybe through the village of Granville or perhaps south towards Buckeye Lake.

Today I ride.


irondad said...

Goes to show you that a person really does have to watch the company they keep! See how fast people like me are corrupting you?

Doug C said...

Corrupted by some of the best. I can handle that kind of rep... :0

Conchscooter said...

Can I be corrupted please? As fast as the nut bolts of the dastardly salt air?

Doug C said...

It always amazed me how the car roofs rusted first near the coast. Up here its always the fenders that get it first.

That does't explain my greying hair, though...