Monday, March 3, 2008

Drive Way Cleared, Two Wheels Rolling

For once, the weekend plans worked out as planned. Saturday was spent breaking up and clearing the ice from my driveway. It took me nearly an hour to find and purchase the ice melt and when I carried it out to my car, the bag decided to open prematurely. About 2 hand fulls emptied into my trunk and I'll have to clean that out before too long. But the bulk of the ice melt was spared for my drive and after about an hour of doing its magic on the drive all I had to do was break up the slabs and shovel them to the side.

Sunday's afternoon sun was awesome and our ride lasted for about two hours. About ten minutes into the ride, I asked Teresa if she had the camera. "No", was the response. "Oh, well." was mine and we rode on. I'll try to have pictures in the future. I'll just need to remind the photographer before we take off.

One of the downfalls to early spring rides is that there are often riverletts of snow melt running across to roadways. They don't always cause a hazard but they do require caution and they can really muck the underside of the bike. Another downfall is the collection of aggregate - sand, cinders, and sometimes salt - that collects right where I want to put the bike on curves. These patches are definitely hazards and extreme caution needs to be executed.

These tend to unnerve Teresa. I don't blame her.

Another winter storm is forecast for tomorrow with rain, sleet, freezing rain, and an accumulation of snow. I'll try to get the bike cleaned up before it gets snow bound again.

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