Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!!

I was sitting at my breakfast table drinking my coffee this morning, watching the TV weather and trying to decide whether I should ride to work today. The forecast called for sun (yeah!) and a high of 44º. Not too cold. The sunshine always makes the ride seem warmer.

After 3 days of what seemed like interminable torrential rains, it would be good to get back in the saddle again. But the temperature at the house was only 30º. There could be some icy spots on my commute. So, with great reluctance, I opted to drive the Civic. A wise choice.

As I've said before, my commute is about 50 miles one way. And the rain/sleet/snow fall we had last night had made the roads wet. In the 50 miles I travelled, I passed 4 multi-vehicle crashes and nearly found myself turned the wrong way after crossing an overpass. I cannot imagine what the ride would have been like on two wheels.

Rain moves back into the area tonight and the temps promise to be less than inviting - topping out at 45ºs. For the first day of Spring, the weather sure isn't cooperating.


irondad said...

Three mantras for riding responsibly:

Ride within your personal limits.

Ride within the bike's limits.

Ride within the environment's limits.

You chose well, Grasshopper!

Conchscooter said...

They breed them mad in Ohio. Rain/sleet/snow for 50 miles and still the man contemplates riding a motorcycle. So somebody explain to me why anyone bothered to invent a car?

Doug C said...

You gentlemen hear the siren's song as clearly as I do.

Nobody told me the winter months would be a tug a war each day.