Saturday, March 29, 2008

Late Picture Posting

This last Wednesday when I returned home from work Teresa was dressed in her gear and ready to go for a ride. We spent about an hour riding with no destination in mind, just squirreling around some of our county roads, and then headed for home. Here are some of the pics worth posting…

Teresa's self portraits... I'm pretty sure that's her in the mirror.

This house belongs to our friends, T. and Karen. It's an old 1850ish farm house that was almost completely gutted and remodeled with an addition or two. After stripping wall paper during the remodel, they found a materials list scribbled on a plaster wall for a building project for the home sometime around 1890. Instead of covering up the history, T and Karen papered around it and hinged a frame over it - Historical Artwork!

T and Karen weren't home so we motored on...

Strangely enough, we found these pines near a painted sign advertising "Landscape Trees". Perhaps in an effort to broaden his market, the owner changed the name from "Christmas" to "Landscape". After all, it's all about presentation, right?

And then we saw this lonely sight. The home owner must be a collector for there were nearly a dozen cars in various states of repair or (hopeful) restoration, mostly compiled closer to the house and away from this lonely critter.
I can't tell you anything about the car. We never dismounted the motorcycle to get any closer. Maybe some of you might recognize it.
After a while I wasn't certain what part of the county we had ended up in. Finally, a road sign.

Having found our bearings, we headed for home with just one last stop near a city park. "Closed for the Season" the sign read, so we only took a photo instead of a tour.


Conchscooter said...

I would pay good money to change my street name to "Purity Road." Planners are a breed apart.

Doug C said...

Conchscooter - Developers today have to contend with more names and exhibit their creativity.

For what its worth, there is a Reform Road in the county too, but there are several miles between the two.