Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13th Morning Commute

The temperature at home was 27º F this morning but the warm weather yesterday melted almost all of the remaining snow from my street. So I rode to work.

As I entered the expressway a mile from my home, the bike got a little squirrely on an icy glaze for about 100 feet. I eased off the throttle, put my feet down on the pavement and flat footed it until I found dry pavement again. But that was the only slippery spot during the hour long commute.

I stayed warm for most of the way but I was glad to arrive when I did. My legs got a little chilled and after an hour it was good to stretch a bit.

I look forward to when sunrise, or at least morning twilight will coincide with my departure time. Besides having some disdain for riding at night because of limits seeing road hazards, seeing the scenery is one of the benefits of riding. And ya' can't see too much when its dark.

The almanac says that won't happen for another month. That's OK. If the daylight savings time had not been changed last year, I would have to wait nearly two months.

Ride safe.

Doug C

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