Thursday, March 6, 2008

Riding Season Wish List

If the economists are anywhere close to being right and gasoline prices continue to climb, I need to plan for riding to work a lot this year. So I started reading reviews on some rain and/or cold weather gear.

And then I started thinking about some other stuff I might need to make the the commute more enjoyable.

And then I started thinking about stuff that would make any ride more enjoyable or convenient, especially with my wife on the pillion. You can see where this is going, can't you. For a new rider, the list is long and the resource$ not so much.

Of course there are items that are a prerequisite for anytime riding. On the other end of the spectrum are those items that fit easily into the luxury column. However, I have found that given enough thought, I can almost always justify any fru fru thing as a prerequisite. Can't we all? I mean, my commute is an hour long and I need to be safe and comfortable, right?

See, I've started already.

Anyway, here's my list...

Rain Suit - probably 2 piece. I'm a pretty big guy and doing all of the necessary gyrations to get into a 1 piece doesn't become me.

Water Proof Gloves - Dry is warm. Wet is not warm.

Boots? - My riding boots said they were waterproof (well they didn't say it. It was written on the box) but only a test ride will tell the tale.

Tail or Sissy Bar Bag - The cruiser's saddle bags hold a lot but it would be handy to have a pick-up-and-go pack for an overnight stay or my laptop.

Wireless Intercom - It would be nice to actually converse with Teresa on a ride sometimes.
Note: A riding friend suggested this to his wife and she said, "If I wanted to talk to you on the ride, we would have bought a pickup truck!" Maybe Teresa thinks the same?

Engine Guards and Highway Pegs - Not sure if this is desirable or not. On a long ride, if you get stiff, maybe it's time to stop, stretch your legs and smell the roses. We'll find out.

GPS Nav System - Hmmmm.

Gel Seat Pads - The cruiser's stock seats are good but not that good.

Well there ya' have it. Certainly not complete and definitely not final. My paper list has lots more blank lines on it and of course my pencil has an eraser, too.

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