Friday, March 14, 2008

Rush Hour Rain

Common sense overcame my frustration today.

My frustration (in this case) is fuel cost. The common sense that prevailed was, practice rain riding in the daylight.

As I've mentioned before, my morning commute starts at 6:00am and until sometime in April 6:00am is well before sunrise. Frustration said, "Save money and ride!" The weather radar said, "Rain." I have a decision to make.

So, today I allowed common sense to win and I drove the Civic to work. Thinking back to some of the advice I've received from much more seasoned riders like Conchscooter and Dan Bateman (aka, irondad), I choose to get a few hours of rain riding under my belt during the daylight before I tackle rush hour rain in the dark.


Conchscooter said...

Common sense all the way, Besides don't forget the car needs to be driven from time to time to prevent it seizing up. And by gum, those just happen to be the nasty weather days. Wot a coincidence!

irondad said...

Not to mention keeping the battery charged!

Doug C said...

This winter I have been of the mind set of needing/wanting to start the Boulevard for the same reasons you gentlemen mentioned.

It will be a pleasant paradigm shift to start thinking that thought about my car.

Doug C