Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Ride

Sunday morning was kinda hectic. I'm a sound tech for my church and the Easter Service was more of a production than most Sundays. But the service came off just fine and afterwards Teresa, Niki and I went to Mom's house for Easter dinner.

After eating too much and visiting for a while, we left to visit the other side of the family. In all honesty, I kept looking at the clock during the entire afternoon. The sun was out and the temp of about 46º was not going to be a hindrance to us making time for a ride.

The three of us finally got home around 4:00pm and I thought that perhaps the day might have slipped away from me. But Teresa and I left about an hour later and the Sunday afternoon adventure had begun.

Teresa started snapping pictures as soon as we left the house. Our street is paved with brick. Brick streets are very quaint and add lots of character to a neighborhood. The problem with brick paved streets is that no one knows how to repair them. At least, the people that fix or replace gas and water lines in our area sure can't figure out how. Six weeks after the pavers are replaced, they will have collapsed anywhere from 2 to 6 inches from where they originally were.

Heading out of town, we crossed the South Fork of the Licking River. This river was once part of the system that helped to regulated the level of Buckeye Lake and parts of the Ohio Canal.

This stand of sugar maples is tapped each year by The Dawes Arboretum and the sap boiled down for maple syrup. I'm not sure if enough sap is ever collected for much more than a gallon or two of syrup, but the local primary schools still have field trips here showing the kids what life used to be like.

We weren't the only ones answering the call to ride...

Central Ohio is one of the nicest areas to ride. Rolling hills, with a mix of woods and pasture.

I told Teresa that the clouds in this picture looked like a motorcycle... a Heritage Edition Softail or maybe even an Ultra. She doesn't see it. I told her it was a sign. She said, "Yeah, right."

All in all, the ride lasted about two hours and when we returned home the temp had dropped to 36º. Teresa was pretty chilled and I probably wouldn't have lasted another 30 minutes. It was good to get back into the warm. But the two hours we spent riding were exhilarating and long overdue.

Doug C

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irondad said...

Sometimes short and sweet is the best. Especially in the cold! How cool that you have brick streets. I know, easy for me to say because I don't have to deal with them. Bet they can be slippery. I rode on mossy cobblestones in the rain once. Thank heaven for ABS on the test bike.