Friday, April 18, 2008

An Afternoon With the Ladies

Yesterday morning found Teresa (and me playing the part of the supportive husband - no acting involved!) at the doctor's office for some secondary diagnostics; everything's fine, just like I told her though it is good to have the professionals verify your beliefs.

After breakfast at Bob Evans we returned home and I started cleaning and polishing the Boulevard. It had been about 2 weeks since it had received a cursory cleaning and since I had the rest of the day off, I decided to spend time with the lady.

In the two weeks since the last polish, I had riden about 600 miles. There were three or four commutes and about the same amount of pleasure trips. I am amazed at the amount of road dust that gets picked up and settles on the bike.

I started cleaning in earnest and even removed the seats to get to areas I can't normally reach. Teresa came out to keep me company but started helping, too. That might have been a mistake.

After I had washed just about everything, she started polishing chrome pieces. She did a great job and cut the polish time about in half, but afterwards she commented, "Boy, there sure is a lot of shiny stuff on here."

Well, there's much more chrome I'd like to add to this Boulevard. But in thinking about how to phrase my RFP (request for purchase) I could almost hear her say, "Yes, but only if I don't have to help you polish it!"

The task being completed, we stood back and admired our efforts for a few minutes. Which is when I came to a realization: A clean motorcycle cannot sit still for any length of time.

The Boulevard was so pretty in the afternoon sunshine it was like she was pulling at the bit saying, "Come on! Let's go!"

And so we did.

We rode about 30 miles on the old National Highway, US Route 40, to Zanesville to enjoy a coney cheese dog and a root beer at an old fashioned A&W Root Beer stand. The sunshine was abundant, the temperatures were moderate, and I spent the afternoon with two beautiful ladies.


Earl Thomas said...

Fortunately for me, I enjoy spending some quiet time detailing the bike, reflecting on past rides and daydreaming about the future ones. Oddly enough, my sister who works with horses for a living, says the same thing about brushing down her horses.......too bad they just make my eyes itch and nose run whenever I'm brushing them.

Doug C said...

I guess its a good thing your pony doesn't have hair...