Thursday, April 10, 2008

Been Screwed

The planets were aligned and the moon was in its proper phase this past week because for the last six days the weather has been perfect for riding. Unfortunately, my fate is not been governed by the planets and moon. My fate is obviously determined by other factors because I've been screwed.

My return commute Monday evening was highlighted with a not so slow leak in my front tire. After about 30 miles of travel, I was beginning to wonder just how nasty the wind gust were. I couldn't keep a decent line to save me. And then the turn off of the interstate proved very interesting. I quickly discovered that my front tire was going flat.

Three stops for air later I was home and was able to get the Boulevard inside the garage. It was obvious the bike wasn't going anywhere until I got the tire situation corrected.

I spent the next day gathering the tools I needed to removed the tire: a motorcycle jack and an 12mm hex wrench. The jack was easy to find but hard on my wallet. The 12mm hex wrench was the proverbial needle in the haystack but after my fifth stop I found one for just $8.00.

As soon as the wheel came off I saw it. A drywall screw stuck dead center of the tire's tread. I'll take the wheel over to the dealership today and find out the damages. The tire is a tubed tire and I don't know if those can be repaired or need replaced. We'll see.

Two, going on three, gorgeous days of sun and warm temps and the Boulevard is sitting home alone. I can only be consoled by reminding myself that at least the flat wasn't a blow out and that there will be more gorgeous days for riding.

I read where Conchscooter got nailed and now I've been screwed. The trifecta is almost complete.


irondad said...

That's what you and Conchscooter get for not changing the Winter air in your tires for Spring air!
Although I don't honestly know how Conch would know when it was time.

Bummer about the flat tire. Hang in there, these things are but bumps in the road!

Doug C said...

That's what I forgot! Dagnabit! KNew I forgetting something.

$60 bucks for the tire repair and tube replacement and $100 for the tools I needed. Peanuts, really, compared to the enjoyment I get on the bike.

Conchscooter said...

Yeah well raspberries to both of you. I have TUBED tires which makes it all much worse and everyone knows that winter air in Florida is humid and spring air is more humid. And Im paying a buddy with a shop to do the dirty for me. Ahhh, middle age, what a luxury it is.