Monday, April 21, 2008

A Case of Spontaneous Inflation

I think I now know how it feels to wear one of the huge, padded Sumo wrestling suites while riding a motorcycle.

On the second day of our 2 day trial ride the skies were cloudy and we anticipated rain. So we began the day's travels wearing our rain suites. A good decision, without a doubt, because the rain let loose as soon as we started south on SR7 near Wheeling.

About an hour later, I waved some cars around us that had been following us for a few miles and that's when I noticed it. The wind must have changed directions or something because my rain jacket was now filling full of air and puffing my chest and back up.

I took my left hand and depressed air out of the jacket and asked Teresa to pull the tail down. But as soon as I placed my hand on the clutch side of the handlebar I re-inflated with even more pressure. I could even feel the air rush out past my collar and try to lift my helmet.

Teresa started laughing and said something about the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I hollared for her to hug me to keep me from inflating but that didn't help. This was not some direction change of the wind!

We stopped at a gas station and I dismounted. Teresa spotted it right away: The elastic in my left sleeve had seperated and instead of being gathered at the cuff, was now wide open and doing a great imitation of a wind tunnel filling the rest of my jacket.

I removed my summer gloves, which stop at the wrist and slid on my winter gauntlets which have a draw string above the wrist. After stuffing the cuff into the glove, off we went with no more spontaneous inflation issues - only a few remarks about the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Ride Safe.


irondad said...

At least you had an excuse for looking like the Doughboy! For some unexplained reason, my Roadcrafter seems to be shrinking, lately. Must be all the riding in the rain. Yeah, that's it.

Doug C said...

Ha! Works for me. I'll have to remember that when I need to use it.

Doug C