Monday, April 7, 2008

Has Anyone Seen My Keys?

(I promised to share some pictures and stories from the Amish country group ride on Saturday, and I will. But Sunday's trip is on my mind right now so please excuse the chronology error.)

Its Sunday. The sun is shining and temps all across Ohio are solidly in the mid 60s. Lunch time rolls around and Teresa and I decide to travel to Delaware, Ohio for lunch. We'll travel back roads and take our time getting there. I have the route planned but since I have a tough time remembering unfamiliar routes I hand Teresa the maps I printed and said, "You're the navigator. Here ya go!"

It'll be a lazy trek of about 75 miles one way and the weather is perfect. The only thing that's not so perfect is my leather jacket. The zipper needs replaced and although it works most of the time, I don't want it failing half way to our destination.

So I slide on my no-name polyester fill and zip up the pockets and the front placket and we're off.
And boy was it an awesome day for a ride. Teresa did an excellent job with the navigation. She was concerned that the paper maps would blow away or she would not otherwise be able to read them. But she is becoming a more comfortable passenger (this transformation is noteworthy and deserving of another post) and we found our way to this quaint, historic city.

A good indication on how long this winter has been and how anxious Ohio riders have been to get back on two wheels, is the numbers of riders we saw on they way. There had to have been at least a dozen groups that crossed out our path and many dozen more single riders. I was that perfect a day.

Our first stop for some food was at The Corner Cafe but we arrived too late for their early Sunday afternoon closing. We met this couple leaving the place and they said the food was great but they close in a few minutes. So we rode on into downtown Delaware and ate at a small Asian cuisine eatery.

While there, I discovered, or rather was reminded, of a character trait of my wife that I had forgotten about. She is a true blue, die-in-the-wool, American cuisine customer. She likes Asian food but only the Americanize versions. And since her Kung Pao Chicken didn't look like what she was used to eating she picked around the chicken and filled up on the veggies in my Szechuan Chicken dish.

That's OK. We took home the left overs and I'll have it for lunch this week. But I digress. This entry is supposed to be about keys. I'm getting there, I promise.

We took a more direct route home and upon arriving I couldn't find my house or car keys. They were in one of my zippered pockets, but the now the pocket is unzipped and empty. Bummer!

We "break" into the house easily enough (perhaps learned from a misspent youth) and started looking for both the original and backup set. After 3 hours of looking we came to the sad realization that main set was probably somewhere between Newark and Delaware and the spare key has transported to another galaxy via a one way worm hole.

It a good thing the weather is supposed to be picture perfect for the next couple of days until I can get to the car dealership and have another set made. The price for the keys? After I show them my registration they can make a key for just 4 bucks! Sweet!


irondad said...

Just poking around on a bike is relaxing, isn't it? Bummer about the keys.

Welcome to the world of riding! I once dropped a cell phone out of my pocket. Adding insult to injury, the rear tire ran over the phone. Ouch.

Doug C said...

It's therapy for me. Unfortunately, my therapeutic vehicle's front tire went flat on the way home from work yesterday - a leaker by the valve stem.

That's a strange feeling, like riding in molasses..

Earl Thomas said...

I envy your weather, Spring hasn't shown up in my neck of the woods yet, and after a painfully long and snowy winter, it can't get here soon enough.

Lately every ride has been more or less a test of perseverance and determination to go than it has been any form of therapy for me. Last weekend was 40 degrees, 15 m.p.h. winds, and dodging the rain and hailstorms. My weather forcaster is promising lower 60's by Saturday, I'm holding him to it!

Doug C said...

Earl: Spring was very late in arriving here as well. Hopefuly, when it comes to the great northwest it'll come and stay for a while.

I was able to ride a few days this winter but no one I know or have read is as hardcore as Irondad, aka Dan Bateman.

BTW, you have some beautiful photography on your blog. I'll have to spend a little more time there tomorrow.

Thanks for the comment.