Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Kink In My Routine

The day started out with a bad omen.

First off, I over slept by 30 minutes. Not a lot but enough to throw my routine off a smidge.

After coffee and a quick check of the forecast, I started donning my ride gear. I slid on my old bomber leather jacket and zipped it up. Then reached for my high visibility yellow Tecknic jacket. That's when it happened.

I looked down and the zipper on my leather jacket had unzipped from the bottom. That's a nice feature if it was supposed to work that way. But its not.

A vision of me commuting to work, 35º outside and my midrift is turning purple because the bomber jacket unzipped and the only thing between me an a 15º wind chill is my light weight Teknic.

So I replaced the old bomber with a no-name polyester fleece jacket and finished dressing.

Well, it turn out not to be a bad omen at all - at least so far. The ride was, as always, incredible. Even invigorating. Traffic was a little heavier since I left the house latter but daylight graced me about half way there.

Within the last 2 miles of my commute is when it hit me. I had exited the outer belt and came to a stop at the traffic light. My visor had started fog a bit so I opened it a crack to clear it. And my helmet was filled with the sweet, maple aroma of sweet rolls and donuts!

There's a large regional bakery for the Nickles company not to far from the office and the winds must have been blowing just right, because this morning I could tell they were baking sweet rolls and donuts.

So now, I am not only invigorated by the ride, I am hungry from smelling the baked goods. A quick detour to Tim Horton's and I'm set for the morning. Awesome.

It's a good thing the smell of beer doesn't have the same effect on me since I drive past the Anheuser-Busch brewery twice a day!

Ride safe!

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