Monday, April 14, 2008

No Riding This Weekend

It was a tough choice.

The temps weren't very favorable and it rained off and on this weekend. Still, given the choice of riding or not, I had think for just moment.

Then I remembered the date. April 12th and 13th. Oh yeah. Taxes.

So, Saturday found me sitting at the computer punching in numbers and clicking buttons. Actually, the work was almost completely done and had been since about the 2nd week of February. But this year, as has happened infrequently in the past, I owed the IRS, the State of Ohio and the city fathers. Not much, really. About $500 all told, but I refuse to file early if I have to write a check.

I did go for a short ride Friday evening before the sun set and the temps cooled off. I stopped off to visit a friend who just completed the MSF Basic Rider Course and I wanted to congratulate him on his endorsement. Congrats, Ron!

Ron and his wife Donna own a couple of scooters; one's a yellow 250cc Honda that looks fast sitting still and the other is a 400cc Kawasaki, I think. Ron had unsuccessfully tried to pass the BMV test a time or two and I suggested that the best way to pass was to complete the safety course and receive an exam waiver. Learn the skills, prove your abilities, get the waiver. And in this state, usually a hefty break on you scooter (or motorcycle) insurance.

This little bumblebee caused a little bit of a stir a while back. Ron loaned it to the pastor of the church to make a special entrance into the service one Sunday in an effort to dramatize his mode of travel while he was in Vietnam recently.

This baby made a full trip around the sanctuary before coming to a stop up front and center. All the while beeping the horn. It was quite a sight and more than a little fun.

Ron uses this to commute to work on dry days. Its about a 10 to 15 minute ride for him. I've told him that we'll have to go for a ride sometime. Maybe, if I buy him a cup of coffee he'll let me take it for a spin?

What do you say, Ron?


Conchscooter said...

Everyone says if you try a scooter you'll want one. You have been warned (I miss my Vespa).

Doug C said...

Thanks for the warning. I've planyed a seed in Teresa's head and will let it germinate.

I'd like her to try riding because she wants to, not because of something I want.

Hey, would getting her a scooter for her birthday so I could ride it be like getting her a power tool for Mother's Day? Hmmmm.