Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Promise Kept

This weekend is supposed to be picture perfect and I am reminded about a promise I made to myself about the first warm and dry weekend that comes along.

I wrote about it back in February when I first started this blog and I am tempted to paste the code in for the map to display. But its a Google map and it takes a few seconds more than I have patience for, so, if you want to see the route follow this link.

This will be a good rehearsal for a trip we're planning in May. If sitting in the saddle for a few hours requires training, we can consider this part of our preparation for Pigeon Forge, TN.

More about the Tennessee trip in a later post.


irondad said...

I just started playing with Google Earth lately. It's so fascinating, isn't it?

Doug C said...

An amazing technology. I looked at the terrain where we're headed in Tennessee and almost got scared.

There's a few hills around there. You'd love it.

Earl Thomas said...

I've always been addicted to distance riding, as the son of a truck driver, I grew up on the road with dad and was kind of pre-destined to that style of riding. I will admit though after 33 years of riding, the first couple of long trips of the season, I tend to feel a little sore in "some places" the next morning, but that all goes away.

Doug C said...

Earl - I've always loved driving long distances but this will be a first. Since we'll have plenty of time for travel, it'll be a great opportunity to enjoy the journey and not necessarily focus on the destination.

I rode solo one time last fall on a six hour trip and it required a good hot soaking afterwards for all the parts and pieces to start working again.