Monday, April 28, 2008

Shameful Actions

I am such a wimp and so ashamed.

For the past 7 or 8 days I've been riding nearly everyday in 60º and 70º weather with sun and a few clouds.

It has been glorious. The air rushing past my open visor and jacket. A firm grip on the handle bars through my lightweight summer gloves. This is what I was waiting for all winter long.

And then today a cold front moved through with high temps in the 50s, clouds and and threat of rain. Tonight's low is forecast for 38º and I think to myself, "Is it warm enough to ride?"

During the winter, I left the house for work when the mercury was barely 28º and now I'm shivering at 50º!

I'm so ashamed...


Conchscooter said...

...ashamed to be ashamed of not riding. I got a flat and I drove the car to work. And I'm not ashamed. Before yuou now it riding will become a chore and look what that did for scooter in the sticks, eh?

Doug C said...

There is science behind the fact that as humans we acclimate to the temperature around us. I'm just surprised that after only a week or so of moderate temps I'm reluctant to ride on cooler days.

Nonetheless, I rode today departing my humble abode with 40º temps outside. Not to prove my endurance, as I have nothing to prove, really. The urge to be on two wheels was just too great.

I know it happens, but God forbid the day riding becomes a chore for me. As you have discovered and practice nearly everyday (made evident in your posts), it is the excitement found in observation and discovery that helps make riding enjoyable.

BTW, saw a nice looking Bonneville on the way in today. I can see why you love the motorcycle. Pretty bike.