Friday, May 9, 2008

4000 Mile Maintenance

The odometer on the black and chrome lady turned 4000 miles earlier this week. 4,836 miles actually, by my recollection. So today she spends the day at the shop getting her scheduled maintenance and a check up before the Tennassee trip.

The dealership is about 25 minutes from home in the Mt. Vernon area. So the missus followed me there right after work yesterday. Teresa was the only lady looking nice when we arrived. The skies opened up on the way and by the time we pulled into the garage, the Boulevard was soaked and not very shiny.

The only thing on me that got wet was an ankle (the rain suite had crept up my leg) which proceeded to fill my boot.

Some things I learned during my wet ride:

  • The speedometer is about 7 mph faster than actual @ 55mph
  • Water lies on my upper back or lower shoulders; doesn't get blown off
  • Roadkill opossums can get really flat after a day or so

I'll pick the lady up tonight after work and get prepped for the fun run tomorrow.


Earl Thomas said...

My G.P.S. says the same thing about my K.L.R. and it's speedometer. My XS1100 interestingly enough is dead on.

I'm too stubborn to wear rain gear unless it's a total toadstrangler or if I know I'm going to be out in it all day, otherwise my Fieldsheer Hydrotour does a pretty decent job of keeping the upper half dry. I'm not going to mention how the jeans look after riding the Kawasaki for any length of time in the wet stuff, don't want to offend anyone.

Doug C said...

Toadstrangler. That's a great description. Have to rememeber that one.

Oh, and that for sparing us the imagery!