Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Calling the Horse Race

What a great morning for a two wheeled commute!

Each day this week the riding conditions have been perfect. The first couple of mornings started out a little chilly, about 40º or so, but this morning was a balmy 55º. And the sun is rising at around 6:15 so I get to see the landscape.

I started doing something during my freeway ride this morning that sounds a little neurotic. Maybe others do it, too.

My commute can get a little boring, seeing the same miles of pavement day after day. Its easy for me to lose my concentration about riding and start thinking about how to solve some computer problem at work. So, I've started talking to myself during the ride, calling out and naming the vehicles around me.

The guy driving the Volvo to my right is the Volvo Dude. The lady in front of me with the blue star sticker in the window is Army Mom. And the young woman in the Mitsubishi convertible holding a coffee cup is Latte Lady. (When I saw her take a sip, I would have given just about anything at that moment for a cup of plain old joe!)

Its almost as if I am a track side announcer calling a horse race. I know it sounds silly, but it keeps me engaged and not totally locked in on the car in front of me and my following distance.

So am I nuts or have I discovered a trick the veteran riders practice?


Earl Thomas said...

You would be amazed, maybe even a little startled at some of the things that I have done to entertain myself inside the confines of my helmet. I don't know why people feel the need for a radio on a bike, I do just fine entertaining myself most of the time.

Rick said...

Dude you are starting to scare me!

Doug C said...

Yeah, 3 trips talking to myself and it really tedious. I think I save this for when the traficc gets really crazy or when I really tired.

I really don't need any more excuses for people to commit me! :-)

irondad said...

I had to quit because all the names ended up being degrading!

Conchscooter said...

I write the best blog entries in my helmet. Which evaporate as soon as it comes off. I can also play a remarkable trumpet inside a full face using only lips.

Doug C said...

Dan - Yous gotta calls 'em as yous sees 'em!

Conchscooter - I tried the trumpet thing, but someone suggested I just get some louder pipes if I wanted to make motor noises!