Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gas Price Blues


That's what the sign at a local Gas America posted; an 80¢ a gallon jump! When I got the email warning about the price increase I suspected something was wrong. "That's the same price as diesel fuel," I thought.

Well, something was wrong. The person changing the sign made a mistake and posted the diesel price in the unleaded slot. The error was corrected in about an hour but that was all the time it took start a panic buying spree at the other local stations where gas was still available at the bargain price of $3.65.

And given the laws of supply and demand, the price didn't stay at $3.65 a gallon for long. The next morning all the local gas stations were posting signs for unleaded at $3.95.

Last night's Newark Advocate published a story explaining the mistake and reasoned that the price jump was due to the panic. But today, 55 miles away in what is geographically another market, the price is also $3.95. So, the likelihood that the panicked buying is the reason for the increase may not hold water.

I think they're just conditioning us for the $4.50+ prices they plan to charge beginning around Memorial Day.

Did I buy any gasoline? Not at the cheaper price. I filled up the lady today for about $15.00 and will be good for the next 2 days of commuting. Yes, it's raining cats and dogs today but my frustration at increasing gas prices is abated by the fact that I'm using less and I'm using it on 2 wheels.

Riding: Cures all types of ailments, is therapeutic for the soul, and transcends oneself to a higher plane of existence.


irondad said...

I had a little sticker shock when I pulled in to fill up the bike. Seeing $21.00 on the dial for less than 6 gallons wasn't pleasant, for sure.

Conchscooter said...

I don't see huge changes in local habits with the ses gas prices though tourism this summer is expected to be way down in the Keys. I think $5 a gallon will cement in people's minds that prices won't be dropping.I still see big SUVs with new temp tags on them.

Doug C said...

Dan - I shouldn't be surprised at the increase. This area has had some of the lowest prices in the nation. Still takes some getting used to...

Conch - Ditto here. I used to be one of those SUV drivers but the $50+ fillups every couple of days took the fun out of the birdseye view.

Never would I have imagined the enjoyment from sipping gas on 2 wheels. (not that I would advise drinking and riding!)