Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Motorcycle-USA.com posted an article today about May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

The official launch was held at a news conference in D.C. where one the leader of the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus, Rep. Michael C. Burgess M.D. (R-Texas) spoke.

One of the paragraphs that jumped out at me was this one:

Burgess added that he has introduced a bipartisan bill to fix a loophole in the HIPAA law that allows insurers to deny payment for injuries sustained while engaged in recreational activities like motorcycling.

I didn't know that little tid bit. The article quotes Rep. Burgess as saying:

There are many other reasons why motorcycles are so popular, but one explanation is simple economics: the rising cost of gas. Motorcycles offer a more fuel efficient and cheaper way of getting around. I am proud that, as a motorcyclist, I am leaving a smaller footprint on our earth by just riding my bike.

This sounds like my kind of politician. Besides being a congressman, he is also a physician and a motorcycle rider.

It was interesting reading and you can find the entire article here.


RazorsEdge2112 said...

I had no idea there were clauses like that in the law and health coverage! I remember having to disclose taking flying lessons years ago, and there being some mention of skydiving, scuba diving, vehicle racing and other pseudo-dangerous things.

But, motorcycling??? yes, sounds like he is my kind of politician as well.

Doug C said...

You have to wonder how insurance companies would interpret the phrase "recreational activities." If I was commuting to work, its OK and if not, too bad, so sad?

I'd just as well have the government stay out of my life, but that only works well when companies and corporations do the responsible thing and don't take advantage of us poor schmucks.