Friday, May 16, 2008

Packing for Two... Wheels

I have spent too many years traveling by plane, train, or automobile and I must now begin the task of learning how to pack for motorcycle.

We're preparing for the Tennessee trip and I have finally decided that if I have forgotten to pack a left handed whatchamacallit, too bad. If we need a thingamabob that we didn't bring I am certain that there's a thingamabob retailer somewhere that sells it.

I can remember a time when someone would say "Road trip!", and I'd take off with just the clothes on my back. Perhaps I've just collected too much stuff.

We leave tomorrow mid-morning. The first night will be spent in Lexington, KY. Sunday night will find us in Pigeon Forge for a week.

I'll try to post some picks during the week.

Ride Safe.

Doug C


irondad said...

I'm pretty spartan but my wife puts me to shame! She found a tiny little blow dryer, miniscule travel bottles, etc. Wow!

Here's my wishes for your trip:

May all your surprises be pleasant ones!

Conchscooter said...

I envy you the pre-trip jitters and the pre-trip excitement. And if you're really lucky you'll get a little rain and you will laugh in the face of adversity. Or stay in a motel.

Doug C said...

irondad:Amazingly, the rear tire did not blow out or have any tred seperation. The bike had to be over the max rating!

conch: Turns out we were lucky only one day. Rode for about 4 hours in a steady rain on our 2nd day of travel.