Thursday, May 15, 2008


As expected, it rained most of the day yesterday and both directions of my commute were wet. But at no time did I feel unsafe. Yes, the tar snakes are still slippery and the slight lateral movement of the bike where I could not avoid them was evident. But I felt strangely comfortable riding in the 'less than perfect' conditions.

I found myself traveling a little slower and taking curves with less speed and lean angle. The drivers around me treated me with caution and gave me plenty of clearance. They probably thought I was a madman for being out in the weather.

More than one co-worker called me a crazy person. One even offered to drive me home at the end of the day!
I covered the bike when I got to the office. The saddlebags are leather and although they're well treated and the water beads up in an instant, there's no need to subject them to more elements than necessary.

All in all, I found the experience exhilarating. I was warm and dry on the inside and felt as though I was in control. Although "control" is a relative concept, the anxiety associated with wet riding has passed and has been replaced with a confidence of the bike's capabilities, an understanding of my skill level, and a healthy respect for the possible consequences.

I am I crazy? Maybe. But crazy is a relative concept.


RazorsEdge2112 said...

Ah, to ride in the rain! It has rained here only one day here since the beginning of the year. I tried to get out to enjoy it, but alas, I was too late and all I got was nasty road-spray from the other cars!

Enjoy the ride!!!

Doug C said...

Yeah, it must be grueling to have to ride in sunshine day after day. :-)

Of course that's why they call Vegas heat, dry heat. And then there's Irondad Dan who's temps are running about 25ยบ above normal for this time of year. Go figure.

irondad said...

I seem to remember telling a certain Ohio rider to mix it up with adverse conditions little by little. Limited exposure on your terms. Small jump by small jump the grasshopper travels far!

Doug C said...

Dan - The web is fortunate to have the likes of you and others around. Folks that not only know the "how" but are willing to take the time and share with others.

Thank, man.

Earl Thomas said...

As you get more and more comfortable with riding in "Weather", you will enjoy the rain more and more.

Some of my best rides are in the rain. The different shades of light, and the overwhelming olfactory sensations that the rain tends to amplify in the landscape. The smell of an Alfalfa field on a warm Spring ride, or a Pine forest. The sounds of the rain as it strikes my helmet, I love it all.