Friday, May 30, 2008

Tire Question

I first noticed it on Tuesday but attributed it to the wet roadways. (It rained cats and dogs on the way home.) But then I felt the same thing yesterday at lunch and then again this morning with dry pavement.

Its a subtle squirlieness with my rear tire on turns. Nothing that's jerky or abrupt but a slight shift in position that caused my to say, "Did I just slide a little?"

The air pressure is about 1 pound more than recommended so that might be the issue. The side tread seems to be plenty deep. But the rear tire just doesn't seem to "stick it" like it used to do. The bike has 8,000 miles on it and these are the original tires. I had hoped to get at least another 2,000 miles out these but that may not be the case.

Any ideas or suggestions or preferences about tires?


RazorsEdge2112 said...

hmmm... I read a post about something similar to this on a forum I frequent. A person responded that the rider should check the tightness of the chain, rear tire bolt and the chain tensioner.

Shoot. I forgot what kind of bike you have. If it doesn't have a chain, please ignore. :-)


Doug C said...

Yeah. Shaft drive. I did reduce the air pressure a bit. The warmer weather seems to have bumped it up a few pounds for some reason. I'll know in a few hours if that;s the issue.