Monday, May 26, 2008

Well, we've returned safely home after spending a week around the Pigeon Forge area, an absolutey gorgeous destination that's really just a jumping off point for all sorts of adventures.

I've got over 300 photos to sort and will be posting some soon. Our cabin did not have high speed Internet access so I've been offline the entire time - almost went through withdrawl.

But there were plenty of these to negotiate...
And vistas to take your breath away.
More later...

Doug C


c.w. goad said...

Hope you enjoyed TN! We live here and I don't think we appreciate it enough.

Doug C said...

C.W. - We had a great time. Beautiful geography and friendly people.

Someone once told me that if the sky was orange during the day we would not appreciate sunrises and sunsets... Unless, of course, they were blue!

Thanks for the comment!