Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Year of Firsts

My father bought his first motorcycle in 1982, a new yellow Honda 750. He used to have a scooter around the time of my birth that he would ride to work as a mail carrier. I don't know if I actually recall the scooter or if I just recall old B&W photographs of it, but it was styled liked a 1950s Heinkel and was red in color, I'm told. Anyway, he rode the Honda for 3 or 4 years and then stopped for reasons he never expressed to me.

Dad passed away nearly 5 years ago and I find myself missing him a little bit each day. I would have enjoyed talking motorcycles with him and I'm sure he would have enjoyed reliving his times on a bike vicariously through me.

I was reminded today of something that was said to me soon after his passing: "This year will be a year filled with 'firsts'. They meant, of course, first time events without him being there. During the solitude of my commute, it occurred to me that anytime we start a new adventure, it is filled with 'firsts'. Motorcycling is an adventure.

Today's commute into work provided a 'first' as well. The weather forecaster said "areas of fog" and I never gave it another thought. The air was brisk with temps right around 40ยบ and as I stepped outside I could see the dew was definitely heavy, but there was no sign of any fog.

It wasn't until I got on the expressway out of town that the fog appeared. It started condensing on my windshield first which is not a problem. My line of sight is over the windshield. But then I realized my visor was fogging, too. I opened the visor just a crack to clear it and realized the condensation was on the outside.

A couple of swipes with my squeegee and the water started beading up and blowing away. Not very exciting but an interesting 'first' just the same.

The fog evaporated as I reached the outskirts of the Columbus metro area, the heat island effect, no doubt. Fog, another 'first' to file away in the memory banks. I wonder if Dad ever experienced that?

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