Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's another stormy day in central Ohio. I really don't mind the rain too much. I just don't like playing the part of a lightning rod!
I'm curious if any readers have had any experiences riding through a bad storm.


Earl Thomas said...

There have been quite a few. I have some in my journal that I plan to post in the future. There have been the blinding rainstorms where all that I wanted to do was stop but didn't lest the motorist behind me didn't see me, and others where I took refuge underneath highway overpasses for the better part of an hour. Oh yeah, I also remember, Hail hurts, especially when there is nowhere to hide (South Dakota Thunderstorm, June).

RazorsEdge2112 said...

YES! Hail Hurts!!! I was riding my bicycle back to the dorms when I was in college. All of a sudden I am riding in a hail storm! OUTCH!!! All I had on was a baseball cap! Luckily it was only small hail.

Rick said...

I have ridden through many. Most recently I was returning from Huntington W.VA. and it rained hard the entire way home. My only relieve was when I went into a diner for some lunch.

Doug C said...

Earl: I suppose if you're gonna enjoy the blue skies, low humidity, and gentle breezes, you can also choose to enjoy the occassional downpour.

Ken: I can't imagine riding every day in the Vega summer. Gotta have the right gear, I guess.

Rick: That was a few hours of wet!