Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Right Gear

Today's high temp is forecast to be somewhere betwixed 88 and 90 with high humdidity. Temps we don't usually see 'till July.

I have got to get me a good textile jacket. My 20 year old jean jacket is an old friend and like slipping on my shadow but its buttons are cumbersome and it offers little protection. It might be time to get to the 'pony'.

On another note, the ride into work was awesome this morning after being caged up for two days. For a stretch of about 15 miles on the outer belt I had another riding following me at a respectful distance. We cruised along at about 73 mph and he stayed back about 4 or 5 seconds.
He must have felt comfortable following me 'cause he had ample opportunity to pass and didn't.

First time that's happened.


irondad said...

You will find that once you ride with a motorcycle specific jacket you'll wish you'd have done it sooner. Especially all the pockets and vents!

I've felt that awesome sense of relief to get back on the bike, too. Cars feel so cumbersome these days.

Doug C said...

Riding in traffic is hot no matter what kind jacket ya wear, I suppose. But the pockets would be nice.

The first day I drove to work this week I got half way there and realized I had a radio to listen to. That's something else on my short list...

Earl Thomas said...

The cut and the fit on the bike with "The right gear" are really important to me. If I'm going to wear all the gear all the time, I want to be as comfortable as possible. Choices are limitless nowadays, that's the hardest part.

On another note: Did you ever figure out that enigma with your rear tire and the handling?

Doug C said...

Earl: The tire enigma looks to be solved. I would not have believed it but then again this is year number 1 of my riding experience and therefore have only my history with cars to color my predictions.

For some reason, the air pressure had increased about 4 and a half pounds in the rear tire. The only thing that had changed was the weather and associated temps, and while I've always noted a reduction in air pressure during cold temps, the reverse was never noticable in a car.

I reduced the pressure to the prescribed level and have noticed much improvment in the handling and "stickiness" of the rear tire. My guess is the contact patch was reduced at the higher pressure along with the tire ability to conform.

Interesting to say the least.