Thursday, June 19, 2008

The trip to Akron went well yesterday with only a couple situations to note. The combined width of the 2 computers I retrieved was 14 inches and the Boulevard's passenger seat is 12 inches. I made the return trip with both PCs but it was an uncomfortable ride since I was sitting on the gas tank.
Just before I started the return leg of the trip I got a call from a friend telling me that Curt and his wife Sharon, who had taken an anniversary trip/vacation down toward the Ohio river at Marietta, Ohio, had been in a crash.
Curt has been a rider for years - in fact, he's the one that started me planning my strategies to get my wife's permission to start riding. Alright, you can call me henpecked (or worse) but this voice of experience reminds all that when Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. Anyway, Curt and Sharon took off earlier this week on a borrowed HD Road Glide (more luggage space, I guess) and rode to the hotel in Marietta.
After checking into the hotel they had dinner and then went for an evening ride where they met up with a deer that had the audacity to cross the road wherever it wanted and not use the marked Deer Crossings! They spent the next 18 hours in the emergency room but were finally released with no broken bones. They do have a fair share of road rash and Sharon has some facial injuries.

It was a good thing that they were riding the HD Road Glide because the fairing offer a bit more protection. In the end, the bike's a mess, Curt and Sharon are beat up and the deer is dead. They were very fortunate.

After hearing the news, I thought about the helmet that Sharon wears and remembered she always wore either a 3/4 or a half helmet. With last week's hot weather, I too was considering the purchase of a less than full face helmet. An open face helmet is very tempting since its a whole lot cooler. But after learning of Sharon's injuries I think I'll dump that idea.

My face is far from the best but its the only one I've got and I've kinda grown accustom to it. I think I'll keep it covered.

On another note, I saw something on the way back to the office that I have never seen in person before and it took me back to the late 1970s. Every rider probably remembers the TV series CHiPS with Ponche and Jon riding their Harleys on the California freeways fighting crime and looking cool doing it.

I remember watching them ride nearly side by side with a stagger of only a few feet. Each one knew what the other was going to do and the bikes seem to operate in tandem performing choreographed maneuvers only inches apart.

Hollywood magic? Maybe the tight shots. But the wide angle shots were highly skilled stunt riders.

Ohio has its own version of CHiPs. A few years ago the Ohio Highway Patrol reintroduced the motorcycle division after an absence of about 50 years. There aren't many OHP motorcops yet but their numbers are growing and its always a surprise to me when I see them.

And that's what I saw yesterday. Two motorcops riding side by side. Interesting to see and kinda cool. Especially since they were headed the opposite direction.


Rick said...

glad your friends are OK! Those deer are always so unpredictable.

Doug C said...

Rick: The deer population in Ohio is greater now than at any time since the state began its "restocking" program back in the '30s.

One thing certain about deer: If you see 1, more are nearby.

Conchscooter said...

I find it odd that carrying stuff on a motorcycle causes so much comment. It's neither ghetto (ugh!) nor redneck- it's smart. How high will gas have to go before others see the light?

Doug C said...

Conchscooter: Smart is right. A lot can be said for trunks, though.