Friday, July 18, 2008

I love riding. For years I denied myself this indulgence, which really isn't an indulgence at all. Its smart eco-nomics. Riding leaves a smaller carbon footprint and saves money on gas. (I'm learning that the maintenance can sometimes negate the gas savings, though.)

I have tried to temper my riding enthusiasm while I am around my co-workers; someone that talks only about one subject is quite a bore. Still, I always seem to share any experiences I've had riding with them, and so far, they haven't moaned about my stories.

In fact, one co-worker seems to have been enticed by both my stories and the eco-nomics of riding and now she is looking at scooters. Her excitement is almost palpable and she is beginning to see herself riding on two wheels. Her conversations tend to revolve around matching color schemes between the scooter and the rider. That's OK. To envision oneself on two wheels, dreaming of the possibilities is a process. I've been there as many have before me. Its a strangely intriguing metamorphosis.

I saw this happen with my wife. About two years ago I finally let my two wheeled yearnings be known. The response was pretty much what I expected: a resounding, "NO!" that echoed throughout the neighborhood.

But over the course of the next several weeks and months, whenever I would drop a hint about riding, Teresa's objections grew softer and less vocal. It took about a year, but she finally began seeing herself as a possible passenger and the allure of leather and riding - even as a passenger - became too strong for her to resist.

I'm glad I persevered.


Conchscooter said...

There's some motorcycle maturity in there. Non riders think we save so much more money than we do- and then you made your first convert! How cool is that? The bit about the leather and the wife was unnerving but you devil-may-care Ohioans are famous for letting it all hang out.Perhaps she'll spank you for waiting so long to get on two wheels? Ride like the wind!

John McClane said...

I'm about to get this situation with SLT.

I scooter everywhere now.

She won't want to pillion. She won't want to scooter.

She's going to be too afraid.

Doug C said...

Conch:You live with someone for years and ya think you know them. Its the little surprises that make life interesting.

John:Soon you'll be saying, "What have I started?"