Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I really enjoy mornings like today. The air is cool, about 60º F, perfect for my hour long commute, although anyone south of the Mason-Dixon line might argue that point. Mist covered the valleys as the sun rose and I started chasing my shadow about half way into work. Right after I stopped and snapped this photo.

I counted 14 motorcycles during my ride this morning. That's about twice as many as I usually see. I reminded the only other rider at work about the significance of today, but I only give her about a 50% chance of riding to work. I think she took up riding to please her husband rather than satisfy any inner desire and that probably has limited her riding time and her confidence.

But she gets better and more confident every time I see her on two wheels. It'll be nice to see Lady with a stablemate today.

Ride Safe.


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