Monday, July 28, 2008

Phewww! Life is too hectic, sometimes. At least this past week and weekend has been for me.

I finally got Lady's rear wheel with the new tire mounted Friday night and took her for a short spin around the neighborhood. I was prepared for the new tire to be a little slippery and it was that. I just treated the dry road surfaces like they were wet and all was fine. It took about 30 miles for the new tire nubbies (what are those needle-like pieces of rubber called, anyway?) to wear off and the rubber to start sticking to the pavement.

The new tread made a huge difference in the ride - smoother, less vibration, and a solid feel cornering. $200 well spent.

After spending a week caging it to work, I was reminded Sunday afternoon about how much one's olfactory senses are bombarded while riding. I followed a friend out to a local campground where some friends were staying and after exiting the city we turned onto a country road.

The fields were laden with freshly cut hay and the fragrance took me back to my youth spending summers on my grandpa Dill's dairy farm. My reverie was cut short when I caught a whiff not of hay but of some weed. Not weeds, but weed.

"Somebody's smoking," I thought out loud. That is one fragrance that is so distinct and so unique it can seldom be mistaken for something else.

I looked ahead and noticed that the windows of my friends SUV were rolled up tight. It was at least 90ยบ F and he was enjoying the AC. When I smelled it 3 or 4 more times, I knew it had to be the pickup truck he was following.

Amazing that even at 40 mph and following 500 feet away that you can still detect the smell of burning marijuana.

This week looks to be less hectic. I only have commitments on Wednesday and Thursday nights that I must honor. One of the remaining evenings I think I take both ladies out for an A&W ice cream float and another ride in the country, sans weed.


Earl Thomas said...

I just replaced the rear tire on the KLR a couple of weeks ago, I love a new set of tires and how quickly they restore the riding qualities of the bike.

On another note, I recall ahile back that you were considering buying a riding jacket. Did you end up getting one?

Doug C said...

Earl: Nah, I'm still sweltering in my 20+ year old jean jacket. Fortunately, the weather hasn't been too hot. Either that or I'm just getting used to the temps.

The tire purchase ate into the apparel budget a bit so it'll another week or two before I make that purchase... just in time for a new fall and winter jacket.