Friday, July 25, 2008


My co-worker came into my office this morning anxious to tell me what she saw this morning, (yes, I came to work this morning, regrettably) and I had a hard time believing the story she told until I Googled it on the net.

This is the same co-worker that has become enchanted by scooters and all things on 2 wheels. She said she pulled into a fast food place and noticed several bikes in the parking lot, mostly touring bikes. There were a couple of Goldwings, a HD Ultra and, from her description, a Star Venture.

One of the Goldwings was pulling a steel fabricated trailer with a cooler strapped to the top. Perfect for the camping rider, I guess. But it was the Venture that caught her attention.

The Venture had training wheels, fenders included.

Knowing that this person is not given to strong drink at any hour let alone first thing in the morning, I had to verify her tale with an Internet search.
Sure enough, the additions are called Retractables. Made for riders with with "bad knees, senior citizens, and even paraplegics", they extend hydraulically and have been available for years.

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