Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Special Commute

My commute today was special. The cold front that had become stationary for several days decided to move on through the night washing the air, the sidewalks and streets. The morning was clear and cool. I left the house about 15 minutes before sunrise and by the time I had travelled past Granville, the sun was just starting to crest the hills that the village hugs.

Another 5 miles and I had cleared the patchy fog that likes to form along Raccoon Creek. I rounded a long gentle curve and the road opened up before me. I noticed that I would not be riding solo this morning - my shadow kept me company for the next several miles.

It was almost mesmerizing, seeing my shadow riding the center line, following the terrain up and down like a roller coaster. When it first caught my eye, the shadow easily covered 75 feet in height. But the longer I rode the more it shrank and by the time I reached the office it's stature had decreased considerably.

Yes, today's commute was very special.

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