Friday, July 11, 2008

Two Ladies in My Life

There are two ladies in my life. One is my wife and her name is Teresa. The other is not.

Hmmm. That didn't come out like I wanted. I'm not talking about fidelity, here. I'm talking about the Boulevard.

This Lady is an '07 Suzuki Boulevard C50T, a cruiser with a touring package. What is not black is chrome and there's quite a bit of that with room to add more (there's always more room, right?)

The "50" stands for 50 cubic inches which works out to about 800cc. Why they didn't stick with the metric measure is only known to the market gurus. I find it a mildly frustrating needing to do the mental exercises converting the the cubic inches into CCs - 50ci = 800, 90ci = 1440, 109ci = 1744 - for ball park numbers.

It falls into the mid-weight cruiser category and weighs in at about 550lbs. Personally, I think this is better classified as a light-weight cruiser since so many of the cruisers nowadays easily surpass Lady by a few hundred pounds.

The Boulevard was categorized as a great first bike by more than one reviewer or motorcycle enthusiast and I would concur. She has a low center of gravity and great low end torque. And since it was going to be my first bike with the style I wanted, I thought it was a good match. I am happy with my choice. She has been kind to me and I return the same.

Still, there are bigger, faster, flashier bikes out there. There's her big sister, the C90 and bigger still, the 109. The local crowd I ride with is a preponderance of Harleys with engine sizes and weights double that of mine. They have never implied or insinuated that Lady was small, yet there are times she has struggled to keep up during a two lane pass.

More than one HD rider encountered during my commute has looked upon her with a little disdain, barely giving a nod let alone a wave. Perhaps it is because her lineage is foreign or because her voice is softer with seldom a cackle. When they take the time to ask about her, I always sing her praises saying she's a great first bike.

They are exceptions, of course. Yesterday, as I neared my home and was stopped at a traffic light, I could see in my mirror a large HD approaching in the lane next to me. Lady and I always nod or wave at all two wheeled riders no matter the look (or not) we might get in return.

And so as we turned and prepared to be ignore by this American icon, I noticed it was an HD Screamin' Eagle. Prob'ly 900 pounds of iron that was big and black with chrome eagle claws sticking out for highway pegs. Then I looked at the rider and saw a familiar face grinning back.

Dusty, the rider, and I chatted for a few seconds until the light changed to green and he rumbled out of sight. I caught up with him at my exit where he turned right and I turned left.

I suppose that Dusty serves as a reminder to me that not all HD riders are of the snobbish persuasion and check my preconceptions at the curb.

Getting back to the ladies, yes, there are two in my life. And they both can hold their own and they both arrive in style.


Conchscooter said...

Nice catch. I avoid the danger by treating my Trumpet as a thing.

Doug C said...

Yeah, you never want to get confused about which one loves you back.