Thursday, July 24, 2008

Withdrawal Symptoms

The voice mail went like this:

"Mr. C,

"This is Jerry at the dealership and your wheel is ready to go. We'll be open until 6:30 tonight for you to pick it up. Have a good evening."

This was great news. Unfortunately the dealership is near my office and I had just arrived at home. I checked my watch and instantly knew that by the time I could leave to pick it up they would be closed. It would have to wait until the morning. Bummer.

Another bummer moment came to me this morning: I'm busy tonight from 6:00 to about 10:00 and won't have time to mount the wheel until Friday night.


Hey, Boss, I think I'm feeling a little under the weather (due to riding withdrawal) and might have to take tomorrow off (to replace my wheel).

I'm sure I'll be feeling better by mid morning (especially after I ride to work).

Can you get by without me for a few hours?

We'll see...

Ride Safe.


Joe said...

Oh man! As somebody who hates waiting for anything my heart goes out to you. Take the "sick day!"

Joe @ Scootin' da Valley

Doug C said...

Joe: It was a difficult decision but duty called loud and clear. Such is the bane of a salaried employee.

I might leave early, though.

Thanks for the comment.