Friday, August 1, 2008

Tuesday night was our informal bike rally at a local pizza eatery and many of the friends we ride with were gathered there. As I've mentioned in a previous post, they're mostly Harley riders but there are a couple of riders that stray from the pack. Rick and Shirley arrived on the Goldwing (they left the HD Ultra at home) and Jerry came on his Vulcan.

Absent from the gathering were Mike and Diana and their neighbor Keith. Diana was the one that had the flat tire on the way back from the Farmington, PA trip.

That's Keith in the white helmet and Diana in the red tank top.

When I asked about them one answer came forth from several people: Sturgis. The rest of the story, however was soon to follow.

After arriving at their destination, Keith got a phone call about a death in the family and after staying the night left the next morning.

Shortly after hearing this story Keith pulled into the parking lot and joined us. He was 30 minutes from home and saw the gathering of bikes and decided to stop. He had been on the road for 28 hours with a 4 hour delay for a flat tire and a short snooze about 3:00am that morning. If he walked a little stiff no one could blame him!

His trip from Sturgis, SD was about 1,400 miles, definitely Iron Butt territory.

This loose group of riders is planning a trip this Saturday. Destination: unknown, but the direction of travel is northwest. It doesn't really matter where we end up, we're just looking forward to the time spent together.

We might find ourselves going to Hudson Leather in Pioneer, Ohio but that's about a 4 hour trip one way.

One stop that was mentioned was the G & R Tavern in Waldo, Ohio - Home of World Famous Fried Bologna Sandwich. I guess people travel from afar to see and eat at this place. License plates on cars and bikes from half a dozen states can be found in the parking area. All because of a sandwich with an inch thick slab of fried bologna.

If we stop I'll put on my food critique's hat and post a report.


Micah said...

We just went to Hudson Leather the other day. It's definitely worth the trip.

I heard about G & R on Food Network of all places. I've been past if several times, but haven't stopped yet.

Anonymous said...

Sturgis is going to be crazy and awesome this year! I think Keiths trip would most definitely give him an Iron butt! I love that! I hope to have my own bike someday so I too can have iron butt!
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Hope to see you out there! Come by the booth and be sure to say hi!
Ride Safe.
Gia Anderson
Brand Ambassador

Doug C said...

Micah: It always amazes me how many little treasures we have in our own back yard and never take the time to discover them.

Gia:Have fun! This pilgrim will have to watch the highlights on the net.

Interesting facts about Sturgis:

During the rally, the population of the state nearly doubles with the addition of 500,000 bike enthusists.

Sturgis has a population of about 6,700 people most of the year.

Every campground, hotel, motel, and any other accomodation in a 3 state area is full.

Conchscooter said...

It doesn't matter what you do to spam it tastes like...spam. Which puts me in mind of monty python, which is another thing altogether.

Doug C said...

Nail on the head. There's no accountin' for taste. Or the lake there of.

John McClane said...

Le mouton anglo-fran├žais?

The dead parrot?

The Spanish Inquisition?

I woke up for a minute...

Lance said...

Speaking of spam, in Hawaii the McDonalds restaurants have on their breakfast menu spam, eggs and rice, which is a favorite of mine! Thanks for the pic of the fried bologna sandwich - I'll take two to go please!

Doug C said...

John: Sometimes Brittish humor escapes me.

Lance: I had forgotten that little tidbit from our trip to Kauai. I've got a friend that was introduced to spam in the navy and says he's loved it ever since.

Me? Not so much.