Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend Ride West

The weekend came and the grass needed cut and there were items on my "to do" list that kept getting bumped further down. But this was the day of the group ride. The list could wait.

The ride did not take us to northwest Ohio and to Hudson Leather like I had guessed it might.

Instead we traveled mostly west through Centerburg, Delaware, Marysville, Plain City and finally Springfield. While I’m sure that each burg has its own claim to fame, the ones of which I am aware are Delaware and Marysville. Delaware is home to The Little Brown Jug, a harness race for horses. And, of course Marysville is home to a large Honda manufacturing site where they don’t make motorcycles anymore.

Near Marysville, we stopped at a covered bridge to stretch our legs and take a picture. Some people are fascinated by covered bridges. I’m fascinated by what history a covered bridge might hold.

This bridge had been completely renovated a few years back so while it may have history, it looks like it was built yesterday.

After a few group pictures to prove we were there, we headed off towards Urbana.

We stopped for lunch at the Robert Rothschild Farm, a restaurant, gift shop and scenic garden located near Urbana.

The food was a little upscale and very enjoyable. I had a Panini Reuben. Another rider had a salmon burger with capers. The cheese cake was good, too.

The gift shop had fare ranging from candles and incense, to sauces and preserves. Not too much bike stuff unless you count the “I was here” T-shirts.
And, so there would be something for the kids they also had some kidds for petting, though I've had my fill of goats years ago when my sister adopted a pair.

We soon left and headed towards Springfield, the area where Rick Slark from KTRSD calls home. Our destination was Competition Accessories, “The Motorcycle and ATV Mega Superstore.”

I've heard of mega malls and been to superstores but this place bills itself as one better - a Mega Superstore.

And it was big. About 40,000 square feet of new and used motorcycles and ATVs, parts, apparel, gear, and anything chrome.

There was only one Harley I saw and it was traded in for something new and not American.

It may have been a mistake for Teresa and me to come here because Teresa saw something she couldn't live without and the only way I could exit the store was if she were the new owner of a pink half helmet.

Of course, I had no alternative because, as everyone knows, “When Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” She does look awful cute with it on, though.

Our next stop was the local Harley-Davidson dealership, Mid-Ohio Harley-Davidson. As I mentioned before, it seems that stopping at a Harley dealer is a prerequisite whenever this group rides.

We entered the showroom and the bikes were beautiful and shinny.

Everyone ooohed and aaahed and drooled over the American icons. I admired the craftsmanship and chuckled to myself at how the riders, who were so proud of their iron horses a moment ago, believed their bike was now second rate and they needed the newest model.
No one gave into the call to upgrade on this trip so after about 45 minutes we gathered outside before we headed home.
Lee & Shirl and Kenton & Saundi needed to return by a more direct route, being a little pressed for time, and so we split into two groups, the pair of riders getting home about 2 hours before we did.

We were gone from about 9:00am until about 8:00pm and tallied close to 200 miles; a leisurely pace by any measure. My "to do" list was still waiting for me Sunday but I count the day with these friends on two wheels as time well spent. I'll mow the grass another day.

Ride Safe

Doug C


Rick said...

I wish you have let me know you were coming I would have loved to hook up with you guys!

Doug C said...

Yeah, me too. I figure the road captain of the trip hasn't figured out where to go until Friday night.

I'm working on 'em though. Next time!

Earl Thomas said...

I have a theory that I have yet to prove, but I believe that at this time of the year, most motorcyclist’s lawns are at least a week behind in their maintenance. I just tell my neighbors that I like to keep it a little long this time of the year to protect it from burning up in the heat.


Doug C said...

Great cover story, Earl!

Lance said...

Great post and pictures Doug - nice way to spend a weekend! How's the lawn doing???

Doug C said...

The lawn? Its green and it keeps the dust down. Not on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens...

dave said...

Next time you come that way you'll have to try Youngs Dairy, just north of Yellow springs on St Rt 68