Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back Online

Hurricane Ike blew through Ohio Sunday afternoon (yes, a hurricane in Ohio!!!!) and both my home and office went dark Sunday night.

The office power was restore last night but it might be until the weekend before our home has electricity.

We heat with gas and are on city water so we can cook and wash. And we have a crank radio for news and entertainment. But when the sun goes down, it's fire up the coleman lantern, light the candles, and watch radio.

It's like camping. Without the campfire so don't listen for any of us sing songs.

The good news is, the temps are moderate and no rain was associated with the hurricane force winds (79 mph sustained winds for a time Sunday.)

Any generators for sale at the local stores were sold out sometime Monday morning and I'm guessing that most of them were sold to our neighbors judging by the noise produced all night long for the past three nights.

If power is still out tonight, I may join the cacophony with a loaner from someone whose power is back on. We moved perishables from our freezers and refrigerator to other homes Monday so the urgency has passed. But I would really like to have a decent morning cup of coffee that didn't take 25 minutes to perc on the stove.

Please pass me the cheese and crackers to go with my whine... thank you.


irondad said...

I don't think you're whining. Despite attempts to make the best of things, having no power is a downright hassle. Worst of all, you were cut off from the blog world!

Conchscooter said...

I hate post hurricane debris, it makes everything bleak. How fortuitous it's you in Ohio and not me in the Keys. Nice for me I mean. Horrid for you.

Doug C said...

Irondad - Yes, a hassle indeed. But the power is back on now and my outlook on life is improved now that I can start my day with a strong cup of coffee that takes just a minute or two.

Conchscooter - Ohio may not be paradise but it is heavenly at times so I suppose an outage like this every once in a blue moon is acceptable... and maybe proportionate.