Thursday, September 18, 2008

Return to Power

The American Electric Power (AEP) utility crews did a good deed for us yesterday; they restored power to our neighborhood. AEP is the power provider for much of the state including our area, however it probably wasn't an AEP crew that did the work.

Last Saturday, before Ike visited us, AEP sent many crews to Texas to help restore power and normalcy to the real victims of the hurricane. When the remnants of IKE came this way, they contracted with power crews from Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

Still, some residents won't be back on the grid until Saturday.

Now, if I can only get my cable (and Internet and phone) restored...

Here's some video I took before the winds got really strong Sunday and before I came to my senses and realized the potential danger I was in.

Looking back, our family is quite fortunate. We only lost power. This storm took out mature trees, trees that had graced its surroundings for 75, 100, and even 200 years.

This homeowner lost his front porch.

And this one lost his car and his garage, not to mention the 200 year old hackleberry tree.


Lance said...

Wow, that's pretty significant damage from Ike that you had! Glad to hear you are OK, and I hope things get back to normal pretty quick.

Doug C said...

It's all of the old neighborhoods. The new developments - with only sapplings planted - are pretty much untouched.

At least we didn't have any rain.

Rick said...

It was a mess in our area as well. Some are still w/o power.