Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2001

Where were you when you heard the news?


Lance said...

Doug, thanks for sharing the article by Cornel Nistorescu. On 9/11 I was at a management retreat in Connecticut when the news was aired. Our headquarters were in 2 World Trade, so we had several people in our retreat that worked there, and were deeply concerned about fellow colleagues. All of our people made it out of that building before it went down; however, some of our people were in 1 World Trade for meetings, and unfortunately did not make it out. I was scheduled to be in our building on September 12 after our retreat was over. A group of us rented a minivan and drove across the country to get back home to Seattle (we didn't know when flight service would resume). It was eery driving through Chicago and seeing the skies empty of the air traffic that is common at O'Hare. 9/11 is a special day of remembrance at my company.

Doug C said...

Lance - Suddenly, this event hits a little closer to home.

Lance said...

In an odd twist, when I got back to the office in Seattle, I received a guest survey card from the Marriott in the World Trade Center regarding my stay on September 12th.