Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I moved my company's email to another hosting company over the weekend and the prep work leading up to the move and the fallout of going live today has kept me busy.

I did have a few hours this past Saturday morning free to change the front brake pads on the Lady, though. It was a rather anti-climatic task to say the least.

I put her on the jack and laid out my tools in preparation. Two bolts and one cotter pin removed (and replaced) later and the deed was done. Ten minutes, tops. "There has got to be more to this than that!" I thought out loud.

Nope. That's all.

I tested the front brakes before I started out for a Sunday ride around the neighborhood and all was good. Wow. That was easy.

The manufacturer says there is a break-in period of 200 miles of city riding, so easy does it on the stops for a while.

Now I need to work up the nerve to adjust the valves. I think I'll enlist the help of an experienced friend to look over my shoulder for that...


Conchscooter said...

Valves are easy if you have room to fiddle. Brakes are scary because them's is what stops you. They say.

Valerie said...

The ride you took through your neighborhood Sunday, must have been through mine, as well. I was doing yard work and saw you drive by. I told my hubby, "hey, there goes the guy who has the blog I read". What caught my attention initially, was the sound of a normal quiet speed of a bike, and not one ripping through here like a terror. Thank you.
Keep ahead of the paparazzi!

Doug C said...

Valerie - I always make it a point to reply to comments on the blog, but for some reason notification of your comment escaped my attention. Sorry about that.

I've heard and seen my share of neighborhood speed demons, too. The place for speed thrills is not on city streets. I prefer to enjoy the journey.

Thanks for the comment.