Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walking away from a crash

A friend sent me this link to an interesting article published by the (Canadian) National Post.

Walking away from a crash
David Booth, National PostPublished: 9/5/2008 12:00:00 AM
It's probably the best thing to happen to motorcycles since the swingarm rear suspension and yet it doesn't make bikes go any faster. You might only ever use it once, yet it may be the most important purchase you ever make. Every bike should have one, but only one does and it may just save your life one day.

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Lance said...

Wow - that was an amazing story! Thanks for posting. I didn't realize that airbags were a possibility for motorcycles. It's great to see Honda doing this.

irondad said...

I believe the original intent was to prevent a rider from being thrown over the front of the bike. In one way I'm glad to see advances like this. In another, I fear riders will become more complacent in their vigilance and skills. I already see that a lot with ABS. Riders don't seem to think they need good braking skills these days if they have ABS.

They are all tools, not magic bullets.

Doug C said...

Lance - I always thought the marketing info about the Honda Air Bags was for the suspension!

Irondad - My thoughts exactly. Air bags are not a license to be careless. There is no excuse to not become as proficient and skilled as possible.

dave said...

Not sure about the airbag, but ABS is not an option on the next one.Does it make some more complacent, maybe, if it safes a life does it matter??. ABS, like the airbag is something I hope I never have to use. Riding a rented HD ULTRA that had ABS on freshly rained on roads (the very slickest, worst kind), it was reassuring to know that the brakes would not be working against me.

Doug C said...

Dave - ABS as a $800 option on HDs is money well spent.