Monday, October 13, 2008

Cooler Temps, Fewer Riders

I am disappointed though not surprised by the dwindling number of fellow riders during my commute. There were lots of bikes out during the warm parts of the day this past weekend, but the cool mornings and cold ride really puts the kabash on the enthusiasm for riding a lot of riders have.

There is, however, one rider whose dedication to a 2 wheeled commute shames me when I start thinking about mine. We have similar work schedules although we travel in opposite directions.

I passed him every morning around 6:25 and every afternoon about 4:30. He rides a BMW with hard cases and always, during the daylight, waves as we pass. That is, when ever I'm riding.

He's ridden in weather I've chosen not to challenge. I don't know his name but I admire his dedication.

Ride Safe!

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