Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here's something I found interesting happenning in Oregon...

Oregon troopers ride with truckers to catch aggressive drivers

by Kimberly A.C. Wilson, The Oregonian
October 01, 2008, 7:46 PM

A campaign targeting aggressive drivers in the Willamette Valley
snagged 38 in a two-day effort that ended today.

Officers from the Oregon State Police, Marion County Sheriff's Office and Salem Police Department worked together. Police rode in commercial trucks along Interstate 5, looking for drivers speeding, tailgating and changing lanes unsafely.

More than a third of the citations were issued for speeding, including one for a motorist clocked at 103 mph in a 65-mph zone Tuesday night. Nine went to drivers who followed too closely, six to drivers who improperly changed lanes and five for seat belt violations. Another 21 drove off with warnings, said state police Lt. Mark Cotter.

The article didn't say if any of the citations went to motorcyclist but we all know, its the cagers that cause all of our problems. Well, maybe not all of them...

Read the entire article from The Oregonian here.


Charlie6 said...

Sneaky troopers....I like it.

As you surmise, its not only cagers which are at fault for unsafe driving behavior. I've seen motorcycle riders, sportsbikes mostly, doing unsafe lane changes, tailgating and speeding etc, making the rest of us motorcyclists look bad.

Oh well, one can only "ride your own ride" and try to survive to ride another day. Good post.

Redleg's Rides

irondad said...

It's an interesting approach. I live in Oregon, as you know. We have some really bad drivers. It cracks me up when they spot a patrol car and suddenly act like angels.

The tactic does seem sort of sneaky, but how else can you catch these drivers? At least having to pay a fine will keep them behaving for a short time. Then they go right back at it.

Doug C said...

Charlie - Sneaky indeed. I know that we've all seen, either first hand or via the net, riders doing stupid things.

A few weeks ago on my commute home a rider on a crotch rocket entered the freeway, cut across 3 lanes of traffic, then stood on his pegs and rode a wheelie for a half a mile. All at about 80 mph.

I just knew I was going to come upon a mess a few clicks down the pike, but fortunately didn't.

Irondad - After seeing a couple of cars run a red light, I asked my passenger, a cop friend why we never see police stop people like that.

He said, "Doug, they almost never do it in front of us. It almost like they've got early warning radar."

I think Ohio has something akin to a sushine rule that says patrol cars aren't allowed to hide, like behind billboards. That's why we don't see hardly any unmarked cruisers. But if they could, I bet a tactic like this might go over well.