Thursday, October 30, 2008

How do you know you've been working too much? When you have unused vacation time at the end of the year!

Every couple of weeks the payroll department at my work sends out a spreadsheet with benefit hours accrued. This year I was eligible to receive 3 weeks vacation, which is very nice and generous.

The spreadsheet says I have 2 weeks available to me and I am only allowed to carry over 1 week of vacation into the new year. So, sometime between now and the end of the year I have to use up 1 week of vaca time.

I think I'll start this Friday. Maybe go to Portsmouth, Ohio in the south, or perhaps Lucas county where Micah from Lucas County Choppers calls home, way up north.

I'll fill you in when I get back.

Ride Safe!


Micah said...

Looks like they are calling for decent weather. There's not much to do up here this time of year though. All of the festivals are over.

There is always Halloweekends at Cedar Point. I've never been, but people up here are crazy about them.

Steve Williams said...

Loosing vacation is one of the ultimate examples of personal failure. Make sure you remain a success and use that vacation!


I've managed to work for almost 35 years without loosing any. I can collect a maximum of 31 days. After that any days earned are lost. I tend to take my vacation time by the hours or days. Seldom do I take weeks at a time.

irondad said...

Well, if you must. One must remain a good employee, after all!

Earl Thomas said...

Same thing happened to me this year as well, trouble is, I can't roll anything over. I have almost two weeks to use up before the New Year. Look's like it's going to be three day weekends for the rest of the year, five days off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, that'll be a first.

Doug C said...

Micah - Almosty made it up to your neck of Ohio. I just needed one more day. Next time!

Steve - Wise words. Good time management is just a small facet of personal growth.

Irondad - The more hours I put in, the lower my hourly rate. Can't let that happen.

Earl - I suppose that the possible loss (or retention) of vaca hours could always be negotiated, although I've always sucked at that...