Thursday, October 30, 2008

Recently, US District Judge Edmund Sargus ruled that homeless individuals in Ohio can list their residence as a "park bench".

While I am well aware of the US history of disenfranchising voters because they were not land owners, how do we become as inclusive as possible and still maintain the integrity of the election process?

Or is unreasonable for me to use the words "election" and "integrity" in the same sentence?
Sorta like the words "politician" and "honesty".


Steve Williams said...

As a rule I don't comment on political things on my blog. But on yours, hey, what the heck. *grin*

I like to read historical biographies -- just finished ones on Dwight Eisenhower and Benjamin Franklin -- and I am always intrigued by the gap between my perception today of what makes sense and what our founding fathers might have believed. In terms of voting rights they just would have been appalled at universal sufferage. They didn't trust the masses and didn't want us all voting. And they didn't even trust all the landowners, hence the electoral college, a safety valve to override and not rubber stamp the will of the mass of landowners.

That's a lot different than today. Add to it that George Washington thought the idea of a secret ballot was "a despicable and cowardly act" you see a huge departure in what we see today as our American heritage, the right to vote.

So when it comes to who should vote and how they should be identified I don't have any clear idea. I know when I vote I show my drivers license and voter card, they check my name and signature against a big book of names, and then I can proceed. I show my license but am not really sure I need to. And in a small town they know me anyway. So here at least who votes is pretty safe.

In a big city all bets are off. Who knows....

Good topic with no good answers I guess. At least not from me.

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Conchscooter said...

The proportion of eligible voters who bother to show up is pathetically small. If homeless people get to vote maybe it will wake up the landed gentry and force them to show up cast their ballots. I don't think many terrorists are going to try to subvert the electoral system by sleeping on park bench to get a voting card!

Doug C said...

Steve - Yeah,not much chance of fraud in my town either.

Conch - There are days I think that voting should be a requirement for everyone. This upcoming week should be interesting...