Monday, October 13, 2008

Things I've learned over the past year:

1) Remove suicidal bugs from your windshield as soon as possible. Even though they may not impair your vision, you may get tennis elbow trying remove them after 24 hours.

2) Ten minutes of rain riding means hours of cleaning later (not necessarily a bad thing.)

3) Jacket vents only provide cooling when your moving.

4) Looking good on your (insert your type of bike here) is no substitute for riding well and well protected.

5) The shortest distance between two points is not always preferable.

6) You still get a good feeling when you fill up your tank for $12 instead of $16

7) Riders of all ilk will stop for another rider at the side of the road.

8) Calling your car or truck a quad-cycle does not provide the same effect when you drive it.

9) Your "To Do" list does NOT always have to get done.

10) Sometimes the best reason to ride is "Because."

Ride Safe!


Rick said...

Well said my friend!

irondad said...

Bugs and road grime are badges of honor for long distance riders. Which is why I ride sport-tourers. More flat bodywork and less nooks and crannies.

As to number 3, just keep riding.

Number 4, you totally get it.

Amen to 5

Never pay attention to number 6. That's not why I ride.

skipping 7 and 8 to number 9 What's a to-do list?

Number 10, there are no "reasons" to ride. Only urges which must be satisfied!

Nice list.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

I don't ride, but I find wisdom in that list for a lot of things.

Doug C said...

Rick - One of these days we're gonna have to hook up.

Irondad - Satisfy away!

Jeffery - One thing lists are good for is prioritizing. Sorta helps separate the wheat from the chaf, the important stuff and what we thought was important.

Visited your blog today and two thing jumped out at me. Conch makes Key West very appealing, and, John Maxwell, one of my favs, started out at a small church about 50 miles from here. He's come a long way...

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Interesting about Maxwell. From Ohio then? I am not sure where about you are located but, I am from Cincinnati (well a little town called Ross for most of my life, but lived in Fairfield for 5 years before moving to Cape Coral).

Yes, Conch does make Key West seem appealing, but I have been going there since 1994 and have seen some of the "warts and blemishes", drank with the hobos (they have some keen stories if people listen) as well as the Duval Crawl. Now I am too old and abused to do that, so I just like to people watch and admire the ingenuity of what people can do in small places while I am there. If you ever go and have some extra bucks (which is tight these days for me) do a sea plane to the Dry Tortugas. Worth it IMO.

I see you are in technology, networking. I am a software developer myself.